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Employees’ & Community Welfare

Salaries/wages of permanent employees and contractual workers (per piece staff) are governed by the labor laws of the country. As per the international laws, underage labor is strictly prohibited in the AFLC factory. First aid facilities are available for workers with minor injuries/ailments while at work. In case of serious injuries, workers can be instantly shifted to the hospital and are provided with compensation.

We also have free pick-up and drop-off services for employees.

2.5% of our annual profit is spent on the upliftment and welfare of the community. This amount can also be used to settle debts/financial burdens of our employees, after thorough investigation of each case.

Fire extinguishers are placed at strategic locations in the factory. These are regularly checked and serviced.

A standby generator mitigates the negative impact of power failures/shut downs and ensures timely production/delivery of orders.